Pottery availability and purchasing

How can I buy your work? 

Right here on this website! Most of the time, my work will be sold out. It tends to sell out in minutes, so if you don’t see anything on the “new” page in the shopping section, that is because there’s just nothing to see at the moment. You’ll need to come back when I have a restock!

How do restocks work? 

The best way to get ready for a restock is to sign up for my emails, so I can notify you of future restocks! You can also follow me on Instagram, where I will announce shop restocks in advance. I also will make every effort to offer previews of what I’ll be adding to the restock. I recommend setting an alarm and being ready to purchase, because my work sells out quickly (love you guys!). The other thing I recommend is creating an account before the restock, right here on my website. That way your shipping address will be saved and ready to go. I offer Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay, where you can have your payment information stored and can buy much more quickly. 

Can I pre-order something from you? 

I have started offering preorders! They work much like a regular drop, and will go live at an announced time. Once the preorder is available for purchase, you can add it to your cart just like a typical item, check out, and then once your piece is made it will ship to you. I do not offer rolling preorders, and they are only available in limited quantities from time to time.

I am not going to be available during your shop update. Can you set something aside for me? 

I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. I get asked this a lot, and I made a few exceptions in the beginning out of guilt, and it felt icky. So please don’t ask! If you aren’t going to be available, my suggestion is to ask a friend to help you out!

I’ve not been able to get a piece yet and I’m so sad. Will you make an exception for me? 

I know these little cuties are tricky to snatch up! Lots of people want one, which is great! But that’s also what makes it challenging for shoppers, and I really get it and appreciate you coming back and making an effort during my hectic shop updates. But I can’t make an exception for you, because that wouldn’t be fair to all the other folks in the exact same boat. So please don’t ask me to! 

Do you offer custom pieces? 

I do not offer custom pieces at this time. With custom pieces, there is a lot of back and forth conversation (multiplied by a LOT of people if I were to announce an opening for customs), plus the need to make multiples in case it doesn’t make it through the gazillion steps and three firings involved. It’s just not gonna work, my friends. 

Do you offer wholesale? 

I love ya, retailers, but at the moment I don’t produce enough work to be able to offer wholesale. Everything I make gets snatched up pretty quickly on my own site!

How much do the pots cost? 

The price does vary by size, level of detail, level of sculpting, and amount of gold. But generally speaking, mugs start around $50 and go up to about $75. Planters are about $45 for the smallest ones, and can be over $200 for the most special ones with glasses or other fun sculptural gilded details. Check out my sold section to get a great idea!


How much does shipping cost? 

It varies! Shipping depends on the weight of the item and where it’s going. I use a built-in shipping calculator, so what you pay is what I pay! Boxes often weigh around 16 oz for a mug or small planter, and I ship from US ZIP code 63119 (St. Louis, Missouri), in case you'd like to try googling it to get an idea. I am happy to refund significant shipping overages or combine multiple pieces into one box. 

Do you ship internationally?

I do! I am not responsible for taxes, tariffs, or fees that may incur from international shipping, and I also cannot assume liability for lost or stolen packages. I love my global buddies, but ya gotta buy at your own risk!


Are your pieces dishwasher and microwave safe? 

Fellows are definitely NOT friends with microwaves! The gold on the eyebrows is a metal, and trust me, your microwave wants nothing to do with it. I have seen other potters mention mug warmers, which could be a great investment if you’re someone who loves that shiny golden pottery! I would also not put them in the dishwasher. The gold can be eroded or abraded in the dishwasher, and the same goes with rough scrubbing sponges. Unfortunately they’re fragile little snowflakes, and they have to be treated and cleaned with a gentle touch. 


What materials do you use? 

The clay is a low-fire white earthenware clay that I buy locally. This gets fired to Cone 04. 

The colorful glaze is Mayco Stroke ‘n’ Coat. I dip the pieces in a clear glaze as well. The pots get fired again at Cone 06. 

The gold is Duncan Premium Gold Luster. This is applied very carefully, and is fired to Cone 019.