Toyland Collection: Medium Special Standing Fellow Planter

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Dimensions: 4.25x5.5 inches
Vessel size: 3.5x5.5 inches
Drainage hole: no

Fellow Ceramics are clay pots made with feeling.

This Special Fellow was created by Chelsea Wilkins and her assistant in St. Louis, Missouri.

This pot is part of a very small special collection. The Toyland Collection is inspired by vintage toys, nostalgia, and children's book illustrations. The carefully painted, multicolored details add delightful touches to these one of a kind pieces. 

This sleepy little pot features clouds and stars, for sweeter dreams.

The body of this pot was wheel thrown by Assistant Malaika, and the trimming, details, glazing, and gold were completed by Chelsea.

Every pot is painted with glaze by hand, and the magnificent glasses and golden eyebrows are hand-embellished with 22K gold for maximum emotion.

This hanging planter stands on ceramic feet, and does not contain a drainage hole.

If you need to wash it, do so by hand!