Fellow Mug, Pink Grump (pre order)

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Note: In keeping with the generous spirit of our Fellows community, please limit your purchase quantity to 2 pieces, to allow as many people as possible to bring Fellows into their lives. Any quantity beyond that will be cancelled and refunded. Thank you!

Fellow Ceramics are clay pots made with feeling.

This Fellow was created by Chelsea Wilkins and her assistant in her St. Louis studio.

The body was was thrown on the wheel, the eyebrows were extruded and hand-applied, and the ears were hand-pinched and applied.

Every pot is painted with glaze by hand, and the magnificent golden eyebrows are hand-embellished with 22K gold for maximum emotion.

This mug is not microwave safe. The eyebrows contain real gold, and gold is not friends with microwaves. The gold can also be damaged (abraded) in the dishwasher, so it is best to hand wash and treat with care, and use a gentle sponge or cloth rather than an abrasive scrubber. 

The pot is glazed on the inside, and on the bottom, in the same color as the nose and dots.

Sizing and pre order information: 
Pre order mugs will range in size from about 8 ounces to 13 ounces, but most will hold around 10. While you can expect the mug to look like the photo, there may be slight variations from pot to pot; that's how you know it's special and made by a human, yay! Variations may include small bumps on the inside walls, varying opacity in the black glaze of the eyes, size, handle thickness and placement etc. 

Pre orders are available in limited quantity. Once your order is placed, you will be charged, and your pot will ship to you as soon as it is completed. If your shipping address changes before you receive notification that your piece has shipped, please contact me to let me know that your address has changed.