Ribbon Stein

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Capacity: 22 oz/650 mL

Fellow Ceramics are clay pots made with feeling. In this instance, the World's Biggest Feelings.

This limited edition beauty was created by Chelsea Wilkins and her assistant in St. Louis, Missouri. 

The body of this pot was wheel thrown by Assistant Malaika, and the trimming, handle, details, glazing, and gold were completed by Chelsea. The ribbon was hand-sculpted, and the letters were hand-stamped, then painstakingly filled with gold. There probably won't be more of these (they took an exceedingly long time to make), so snag one while you can!

Fyi, you can probably fit almost an entire bottle of wine in this mammoth of a cup. For even bigger feelings. 

Gold is not friends with microwaves, so please don't microwave this mug. Handwashing with a gentle scrubber/cloth is recommended, as the gold is delicate and can be scraped off or abraded if not treated with care. 

The mug is glazed on the inside and on the bottom in a beautiful cherry red.